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Relax…you’ve just found the solution!

• You're exasperated! The landlord of your block has run things his way for years. Most likely he has appointed one of his friendly estate agents to the management.

• Perhaps the agent has no professional qualifications or affiliation to any regulatory body. Most likely he never answers calls or letters and is always on voicemail. There’s only ever a secretary in the office, most often a temp. You haven’t had proper service charge accounts for years. You don’t know how much of your money is held in reserves. The porter has been on sick leave for months and you’re paying a fortune for useless agency staff.  The lift keeps breaking down. The insurance costs are too high and the shower temperature is too low.

• Worst of all … they couldn’t care less.  After all – you’re not their client, and can’t fire them anyway.

• With® salvation is at hand. We use a relatively new, quick and cheap process called RTM. That’s short for: The Right to Manage. And it’s now the law of the land.

Why not just buy the freehold? - Find out more >>

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Remove your Landlord
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